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Huey Long

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Huey Long, nicknamed the Kingfish, was an extremely popular Senator from Louisiana. He claimed the New Deal policies failed to adequately help the common person and proposed a social program called "Share Our Wealth".  His program included a 30 hour work week, free college, four week vacation for every worker, paid retirement at age 60, veterans benefits and health care, and a cap on personal fortunes at 50 million each (about 600 million in today's economy.)  He long argued that the problems facing America were the result of the disparity between the super-rich and everyone else. If Congress created a better distribution of wealth and benefits for workers and the military, the country would thrive. Huey Long planned to run for U.S. president in 1936 against FDR, but he was assassinated in 1935.

Huey Long, "Every man a king"

"Share the Wealth" - Huey Long talks to the nation (text and audio)

Share Our Wealth Program, Every Man A King Society, by Huey Long

Huey Long, assassination (eyewitness to history)

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